Pest Control With Essential Oils – Is It Possible?

Pest Control With Essential Oils – Is It Possible?

You’d be surprised, but yes it is in fact possible to combat insects in your garden or home with essential oils. Here are some options for essential oils to do pest control:

  • AntsSpearmintPeppermint oil.
  • BeetlesPeppermintThyme.
  • Chiggers: LemongrassLavenderThyme, Sage.
  • FleasSpearmintPeppermintLemongrassLavender.
  • Flies: Rosemary, Sage, PeppermintLavenderEucalyptus.
  • Gnats: Patchouli, Spearmint.
  • MosquitoesLemongrassCitronellaLavender.

When people think of pests a lot of images come within their mind. Some of these images include creatures such as ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, snakes and many other small creatures that are able to find their way within the average home. It may not seem like a problem within the beginning but these pest could make it a habit in visiting one’s home, breeding, leaving droppings or invading one’s food or personal spaces within the home.

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This could very well make the home’s resident’s sick or even catch a disease. That is when pest control is needed. Pest control is managing any invasive creatures that enter the home or its perimeters. These may even include exterminating the invasive creatures that enter in the home. One way to manage and properly use pest control is to buy a number of bug spray and spray it around any entrances that one may see that insects coming and going while finding something to properly block it off. Another way to handle this is calling a pest control company. These companies specialize in ridding the home of pest, one to look to that gives praise would be the Pest Control Pros.